We've found another one....definitely a child of 2018

Yes, in our continuing hunt for customer experience monsters - let's meet our latest find - The Data Devil

How to Spot?
A creature only really discovered in 2018 with the introduction of GDPR. It feeds on consumers' lack of understanding about the new legislation around data and privacy. Its method of attack is to bombard people with confusing and worrying messages

How to get rid of?
First, let’s be fair, many forward-thinking organisations have used this change as an opportunity to have an open and honest two-way communication with their customers about the data that they hold and how they use it to benefit the experience the customer receives.

This is far better than some other organisations who have used their email communications to virtually scream at people to ‘press this button to opt-in’ without really explaining what that means!

It will interesting to see in the long run, which approach delivers better customer relationships, both in terms of engagement and long-term value.

Introducing another new monster - the Boring Blob

We've been digging & looking around the place and found a new monster - bit of a challenge to find this one  - The Boring Blob

How to Spot?

This is a creature of low energy & enthusiasm, it has a well know catch phrase of "I can't be bothered!"

It often manifests itself in unplanned and boring communications to customers that are unappealing and lack any form of engagement. To minimise the Blob's effort, it often tries to use an organisation view of things rather than looking at things from a customer point of view.

So, if a customer can obtain a discount or add extra functionality to their account via the company website, this creature will send a boring text based communication using lots of technical detail, rather than a visually driven 'how to' supportive communication that helps customers gain the maximum benefit from what the company can offer them.

How to get rid of?

- When planning communications for customers, always think through the customers eyes - use any existing research about what they look for and perhaps draft into your project team, someone who doesn't work in your marketing or communication team.

- Think about the story that you are wanting to get across and build your communication from that base.

- Attend conferences/webinars/online training that can stimulate you with new ideas and approaches that you can feed into your communications.

Found it.............The Easy Rider

After much searching around Fred's business, we have finally tracked down the 7th monster.  

So let's meet The Easy Rider.

How to Spot?
This grisly gremlin will try to disguise itself behind an image of hard work and efficiency. However, little do you know that they are cutting corners and performing the bare minimum at every stage of the process. They will always suggest a simple option regardless of the query, and have no interest in pushing themselves or learning new things which may increase their workload.

How to get rid of?
-Keep your eyes open to those who resist change and new opportunities

-A good way to encourage and attract employees who want to learn and grow is by offering incentives such as, training opportunities, pay rises, promotions or rewarded behaviour.

Fred gets some help in

As Fred has started to get a handle on the first six monsters he found lurking in his organisation, he's concerned that there may be others hiding about the place.

He's gone and got some help to track down whatever new fiendish creatures may have infiltrated his organisation. Meet Harriet, a customer experience expert who comes highly recommended. She already thinks she is on the trail of a new Monster - watch this space in the coming days for more details!

The Monsters in the News

Breaking News -

Some of our Monsters have sneaked out for a bit - they've featured in the blog of Insight Narrator.

Click here to have a look at what they had to say about our fiendish fiends.

Fred's challenge

Meet Fred – he works blooming hard running an organisation that that provides a range of services to hundreds of thousands of customers every year. However, he currently has a problem!
He has always been really proud about the experience his company gives to his favourite people, his customers – however he has noticed that a number of customer based KPI’s are deteriorating and he has become worried.

As he has taken a closer look around his business, he’s seen things lurking in the shadows and heard mysterious noises coming out of cupboards, lockers and dusty drawers. Having investigated closer, he has realised his business has been invaded by some real nasties and he’s going to have his hands full trying to deal with them.
To help others who face similar challenges, we’ve helped Fred describe his monsters including how to spot each one and most importantly, get rid of them!

The Dis-engager

I'm not bothered what you think - I'm the Dis-engager

How to Spot?
This trouble maker creates some of the most recognised symptoms in the staff : rumours & gossip being spread, no curiosity in their business or their future, do nothing to identify innovation or new ideas,  do not have strong communicational relationship with their manager.

How to get rid of? 
Don’t worry, there are many solutions to this problem – here are a few
Staff will understand the importance of what they do when they see their fit in the big picture
Regular feedback on performance is always crucial
Empower staff to make a difference for customers  - don’t tie them to unmovable rules & processes

The Lacklustre Liar

No, thats's not my name, I'll come back to you with it ....... honest!

How to Spot?
This horrible creature can be found wherever a company projects itself as being easy to contact but in reality the truth is far from this - not answering the phone quickly, impenetrable IVR, a website that produces emails that disappear into a virtual black hole are all signs of the Liar being in residence.

How to get rid of?
Establish a “company response standard” checking systems are in place to deliver the agreed response
Communicate this to your workforce as “this is the way we do things around here”

Monitor and support teams to deliver your customer promise

The Brain Baffler

Why hello - how are you doing? Brain Baffler here

How to Spot?
Overloading people with too much information  is this creature’s specialism. If there is a way to confuse customers, this monster will look to use it.  Multiple numbers  of brochures, long winded website pages and verbose call centre scripts are all indicators this monster has been busy.

How to get rid of?
-Measure drop outs in customer journey
-Undertake customer collateral review using a “new pair of eyes”
-Look to develop a single creative delivery mechanism to make  things  more customer friendly

The Jargon Jelly

Hi there - Jargon Jelly here

How to Spot?
Often found in literature, on websites and over scripted call centre scripts. Look out for customers dropping out of web journeys and application processes – that’s often where you’ll find this corporate fiend looking to kill off customers early on.

How to get rid of?
-Develop a  company “tone of voice” built around your brand values 
-Test with real customers
-Find a champion (your “monster slayer” )who is the living embodiment of your tone
-Deploy ruthlessly into your business ensuring your champion is empowered to make changes

The Systems Sucker

Hey -  this is me
How to Spot?
This beast lurks inside organisations ‘ processes ensuring there is no join up between how different areas of the business work together. A customer’s journey will appear disjointed with no warm handovers between people .

How to get rid of?
-Firstly map out your existing customer journeys
-Include even the less obvious ones as these are where you’ll find these fiends
-Identify gaps remembering to review customer complaint data and staff input
-Rework journeys, prioritising highest volume areas

The Prioritising Phantom

Hello - I'm the Prioritising Phantom. Read me first!

How to Spot?

A bold and brassy behemoth that  can usually be found lurking near flipcharts in the Marketing department. It loves dangling shiny baubles of gifts and discounts in front of new customers and at the same time taunting existing customers that they can’t have them.

How to get rid of?

Don’t be scared of running campaigns to attract new customers  - just make sure that
-You compare any new offers with what you provide to existing customers
-Is there a benefit to providing  something for existing customers,  whether similar or very different?

Hello - the Monsters are coming

Shhhhhhhhhh - don't make too much noise, you might wake them!

They've been with us for many years but until now, we haven't had a way to shine the torchlight of truth into the dark corners where they lurk ..................until now

Come back soon to learn more about these critters that lurk in many businesses - they might even be wreaking havoc in YOUR business right now.

The Monster Hunters