Introducing another new monster - the Boring Blob

We've been digging & looking around the place and found a new monster - bit of a challenge to find this one  - The Boring Blob

How to Spot?

This is a creature of low energy & enthusiasm, it has a well know catch phrase of "I can't be bothered!"

It often manifests itself in unplanned and boring communications to customers that are unappealing and lack any form of engagement. To minimise the Blob's effort, it often tries to use an organisation view of things rather than looking at things from a customer point of view.

So, if a customer can obtain a discount or add extra functionality to their account via the company website, this creature will send a boring text based communication using lots of technical detail, rather than a visually driven 'how to' supportive communication that helps customers gain the maximum benefit from what the company can offer them.

How to get rid of?

- When planning communications for customers, always think through the customers eyes - use any existing research about what they look for and perhaps draft into your project team, someone who doesn't work in your marketing or communication team.

- Think about the story that you are wanting to get across and build your communication from that base.

- Attend conferences/webinars/online training that can stimulate you with new ideas and approaches that you can feed into your communications.

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